Do You Have a Soul?

If you believe you have a soul, what do you believe?  Discover your

thoughts and beliefs by just writing one or two paragraphs

about how you would define your soul. I did a survey with my graduate

students in counseling as well as with participants in workshops

that I was conducting, and that the responses were amazingly uniform

and very interesting, interestingly there were very few  references to

their religion. Most said something like,”My  soul is my inner self,

my decision maker.

In my book ‘Building Heaven on Earth’ I quote several very thoughtful

responses which tell me that most people have given some serious

thought to matters of their soul. My personal belief is that our soul

is the essence of who we are as a person. It is the core of our

spirituality that will guide us in our behaviors of compassion, respect,

caring, generosity, courage and confidence in our inner self for


My question to readers is:  “Are you willing to explore your inner self,

the quality of your character, your ability to love and forgive, and to

be fair in all your relationships?  I’m not talking about religion here,

I am differentiating spirituality from religion, and claiming that we

are all essentially spiritual beings.  Religions are institutions that

may or may not be in our best interest.

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