Not Who But what is God?

Accepting the idea that God is not a ‘who’ does not mean that there is no God. But if God is not a ‘who’, then ‘what’ is God? Atheism is not the only default position! Since we all came from somewhere, we should, in our search for meaning, consider that there must be an incomprehensible, ubiquitous, and inexplicable Natural Force that created this unknowable and magnificent mystery we call life.

Religions do not entertain the idea that God is a force within all life; their emphasis is on an outside God who is omnipotent and is residing in heaven. Each religion has claimed that if you want to know the truth about God. you should read their scriptures. Never has any publication been less read and so highly esteemed by such a large number of unthinking followers, including myself for most of my life. It is cultural conditioning! And it is extremely powerful in shaping our lives!

In all fairness,we need to remember that the authors of these supposedly revered scriptures were written by men men who were touted as infallible, but alas, were as fallible as we are. These writers were no less locked into the culture of their time than we are by ours.

But we are long overdue in dismissing the idea that God is humanlike in form. It is a lie to tell us that God is a He or a She with an ageless biological body dwelling in the heavens above us.

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