God is Not a Human figure

All major religions would have us believe that God is an all-powerful being who presides over all things.  He abides in heaven and is full of wisdom.  He sees everything, knows everything and gives favors to people who behave in the right ways and especially to those who make the effort to prove that they have total faith in Him.


When those of us who live within the Western Judeo-Christian traditions we think of God, and we picture a ‘Him’, a male human figure.  ‘He’ is an older Caucasian man with a white beard, long white hair, and wearing a white a robe.  We refer to everything in the natural world as ‘His’ kingdom. We offer our prayers to ‘Him,’ and when we speak of God, we speak of ’Him’ and ‘His’ domain. We have been conditioned to see ‘Him’ as our benevolent and all-powerful ‘Father,’ and here on earth all living creatures are ‘His’ family.  ‘He’ represents the ultimate goodness and righteousness, and as such, we thank ‘Him’ for our good fortune and feel obliged to follow ‘His’ ways.

One might wonder: ”Is God a man or a woman, old or young, African or Asian, Hispanic or Caucasian, or a Middle Eastern blend?”  We might also wonder:  Can there be such a God in human-form?  The faithful of the three major religions believe that their God has chosen their religion to be the right one out of the more than l00 religions on earth?  And most difficult to imagine of all is that some human-form of God could have the power to create the stars, planets, moons, galaxies, black holes and all the wonders of the Universe.  In every rational way, at the core of our being, we know that a flesh and blood biological being could not design nor create the Universe.  We really do know better!

In spite of knowing better, we remain blindly loyal to these beliefs to which our minds have been conditioned. We have gone along with our religions stories to honor our parents, grand parents, and on through many greats of great-grand parents in our ancestral pool, back some thousands of years.  This loyalty is mixed with issues of our unexamined pride, along with our passivity and compliance that we masquerade as faith.

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